We handle all of it so you don’t have to

Whether you work for yourself or have a few side gigs, you still need tax withholding, time off, retirement, and health insurance. Catch gets you squared away, once and for all.

What’s the catch?
There isn't one.

How is this free?
Catch offers free personal payroll because we’ve found an affordable way to use technology making it easy and low-cost to automate how your money moves. In addition, we also serve as a benefits broker. If you choose to take advantage of our health insurance or other benefits products, Catch can earn a commission off of the products that you purchase. If you’re asking, “What’s the Catch?” the short answer is that there isn’t one. We make money by holding your money (just like the bank does, btw) and from helping you get health insurance and other benefits if you need them.
How does Catch keep my info safe?
We uphold strict standards of data privacy and security in our product. Our data is encrypted, and we do testing annually to make sure that our systems can’t be breached by even the smartest hackers. We don’t use your data for any purpose other than providing you Personal Payroll and Benefits. We don’t sell your data to earn money, and we don’t earn any revenue from advertising. Your data does help us make recommendations for products we think might help you, but we’ll never use give it to a third party without your permission.
Is Personal Payroll tied to the government?
Short answer? No. Catch is not reporting transactions to the US or your state’s government. Longer answer? Our product is useful because it can automatically send the IRS your tax obligations on income you’ve earned as a freelancer or someone who is self-employed. However, you should know that automatic tax payments are *optional* at Catch. You can choose to set money aside and send tax payments to the government for how much and at what time you think is right. Ultimately, you’re responsible for paying the obligation on your income. What we do is make it simple to take care of it. At the end of the day, though, you get to choose how much is set aside and submitted to the IRS. We know that you know your needs and obligations better than we do.