Premium Slasher

Keep Your Coverage, Cut The Bill

Catch’s Premium Slasher lowers your health insurance premiums in two minutes or less.

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Connect your health plan


Find your tax credits


Save money in 2 minutes

See how much you could save

Find tax credits you may have missed to lower your health insurance premiums.

What’s the catch?
There isn't one.

Can I keep my plan?
Yes. You keep your coverage, we cut your bill. By linking your current plan with Catch, we can find and enroll you in savings, so the only thing that changes is your premium.
How long does it take?
Two minutes or less. You provide some basic information to verify yourself, your plan, and your estimated income. We take care of the rest. We don’t route you to other sites, ask you to send any forms, or make you wait some number of business days. Within minutes, Premium Slasher tells you if you’re eligible, calculates your savings, and files the necessary paperwork in the background so that you’re saving money on health insurance on your next payment.
Am I eligible?
If you have health insurance through your state or the federal Marketplace, then you’re eligible. Nine out of ten people with Marketplace plans qualify for an average of $524 in savings each month.
How do I apply savings?
Your savings are automatically applied to your premium once you’ve linked your plan to Catch, so you don’t have to do anything else. What’s more, once you’ve gone through Premium Slasher, Catch will regularly check for additional credits that could cut your bill and alert you when there are new opportunities to save.
When will I start saving?
On your next payment. Specifically, on the first day of the month after you used Premium Slasher.