Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is a set time period every year where people can change their benefits or health insurance plans. Although the health insurance individual marketplace gives users access to an ample amount of plans and providers, it is only open for a few weeks, usually towards the end of a calendar year. Because Open Enrollment only comes around once a year, preparing is helpful to relieve stress and make sure you find a plan that suits your needs. Here is the best way to navigate insurance Open Enrollment.

  1. Think about what changes, if any, you want to make. Do you want to change plans? Change providers? Add a dental plan?
  2. Once you have an idea of the changes you want to make, you should review your price range, research networks, compare your previous plans, and ensure your new target plan is ACA-compliant.
  3. You should have an idea of what plan you want to enroll in during Open Enrollment. If you want to find out what benefits you qualify for or verify you are finding the best-suited plan for your needs, Catch can use your previous plans and requirements to help you find the best available plan in the marketplace.
  4. Next, wait for Open Enrollment to start; when it does, enroll! To make it easier, you can enroll through Catch and use HealthLink to automate the renewal of your plans annually.

Open Enrollment can seem overwhelming and stressful, but if you do some research beforehand and use Catch to help narrow your search, Open Enrollment will be another "to-do" checked off your list in no time!