Special Enrollment and Qualifying Life Events

Although you can only enroll in health insurance during Open Enrollment, there are notable exceptions where you may need to change your health insurance outside Open Enrollment. When this happens, you can qualify for Special Enrollment which allows you to change or sign up for insurance plans despite the time of year.

Do I qualify for Special Enrollment?

To qualify for Special Enrollment, you must have experienced a life-changing event that would, in turn, alter your insurance needs. Some examples of life-changing events include having children, getting married, moving, etc. If you think you qualify or will qualify for Special Enrollment within 60 days, you go to Catch and enroll in coverage..

Although you can qualify for Special Enrollment at any time throughout the year, you only have 60 days before or after the life-changing event to enroll in health insurance. It’s important to note, also, that some states have a fee during tax time if you did not carry health insurance throughout the year. Because you have limited time to sign up or change your plan, you should go into Special Enrollment, preparing the same way as you would for Open Enrollment. Think about what you want to change, your price range, your previous plan, what you might want to add, and whether the plan is ACA-compliant. Once you know what you want, Special Enrollment is similar to Open Enrollment; all you have left to do is enroll!